Arcade Pi (2 player arcade)


Hey Guys,

I was wondering if you could put a list for me together, I am wanting to build a two player arcade with the rasberry pi. I already own your Sparkfun retropi kit, the rasberry pi, power supply, screen etc. So just wondering what else I need in order to make this a two player setup rather than a one player setup. I do prefer a plug and play kind of build, however I would be willing to solder if necessary. Also wanting to pay for all “stress helpers” for the pi (heatsinks aswell). Also I’d prefer to buy all the parts from you guys, so if you could link me to it, that would be great


Hi there.

I would suggest using the pars below. Button colour up to you.

You don’t need 2 colours of wire but it will make it much easier.

And a protoshield to wire everything up to will help as well.

Hope this helps.


Heatsinks really shouldn’t be needed unless you put the Pi in a tiny box with no ventilation. In which case one of these should suffice: