Gyro Visualisation Help



Hey there,
This is my first post on the forum, so greetings :slight_smile:
Im doing a project, mainly within my school and it’s a hands free segway, and it’s been in production for a fair few months now and i’ve set up most of my parts and it’s working well. I have 2 mpu6050’s and their hooked into a breadboard along with an arduino, with it feeding out their 6 accelerometer and gyro readings. The readings are pretty sketchy and fluctuate quite a lot, and Im not sure if that’s normal, But I was wondering if any of you guys could lead me on the right path to set up a visualisation for at least one of the gyro’s, for I think it could be beneficial. I apologize as well for my inability to understand these concepts as it’s fairly new to me. Thanks


Hi Mate,

Google is your friend here, the MPU6050 is used in heaps of projects.

This should give you a good starting point, these things are noisy so you really need to do a calibration on them luckily there are already plenty of examples on how to do this.
Good luck!