Problems with ITEAD 3G shield




I am having trouble uploading code to the ITEAD 3G shield.
I have attempted to upload the firmware (from here:, but it is never recognised by my computer. I have tried this on a Mac and a PC.
Any ideas?



Yes, I’ve not tried it myself, but a couple of ideas;

  • use the UART to check the current firmware version before you upload a new one; see the ATI command for V1.02 or later or the AT+CGMR command for V1.24 or later,

  • make sure you are powering the shield before you plug in the USB cable and try the update; this is based on the Wiki photograph with the red text never power through it,

  • check your computer operating system’s list of detected USB devices, before and after plugging in, to make sure the shield is detected.

@Azmat wrote about the same product last year if that might help. @Azmat, any ideas?