Red Line Laser Viewable


The 25mW Infrared Line Laser we require is to “mark” a board at different lengths to enable the operator to easily recognize board being handle. Does the laser draw a red line which is distinguishable at a distance of 6 - 7 meters? If this product does not meet the requirement, please suggest an alternative.


Hi Steve, by “mark” do you mean burn because 25mW is not alot of power to be marking wood, particularly at distance.

I found a blog that uses a 400mW laser that was hacked together from a DVD writer but the quality was not great.

If this is for a commercial application i would recommend using a fibre laser and a xy gantry, but that solution would be in the ranger of thousands.
Alternatively you could go down the route similar to this solution


Hi Nick No I am looking for a red/green/blue line to be visible on the
board so that the operator can determine the length of the board
(approximately) to allow a quick decision to be made if the board is to be
rejected or passed.




Then i believe that this laser module should be sufficient, It will have very similar laser power output as a laser pointer pen.