Robot Kit For A Total Beginer



Hi Everyone.

I am just after a recommendation regarding which robot kit is the best for a beginner?

I have no real requirements other than I want to learn the basics from the start and just build on them as I get into more advanced robots. The ultimate goal is to build an autonomous rover with a wide range of sensors on it, but as I said before my current skill set would make that extremely difficult.

I would also like some advice on whether to build it using Arduino or Raspberry Pi. I have both and would like to master both of them eventually, but I have looked on the Internet for advice and both are suitable for different things, so I have no real idea which is best for learning the basics of electronics and coding and building simple robots.

I guess I’m after something that I can add too as my knowledge and skills get better. Start simple, maybe control using a keyboard, then as I get more advanced, maybe a wifi device.

Anyway thank you everybody in advance for your counsel.

Simon G