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Hi Folks,

I am back again, after getting married and the rush of putting together a cat feeder, with help from this forum specifically quozl. Now it is time to look at taking my arduino cat feeder further. However before I embark on the epic journey ahead I would like to seriously expand my knowledge. I had thought the best way to do this would be to look into the multitude of free online courses for arduino, codeine and electronics. As you might imagine I was soon overwhelmed with the plethora of courses.
My question is simply where is a good place to start a learning journey for someone with little to no understanding of code and electronics?
I am looking to code for arduino but hoping to to other languages at some point.
Primarily looking for free or nominal fee courses, to be completed in my own time.
I am not averse to purchasing a book and reading my way to an education if that is an option.
Hopefully the brains trust here will have some suggestions.

Thank you in advance,



Yes, there is more available than can be easily sorted through. Being overwhelmed is much better than being underwhelmed. :grin:


  • Art of Electronics, by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill,
  • Learning the Art of Electronics - A Hands-On Lab Course, by Thomas C. Hayes and Paul Horowitz.
  • Practical Arduino, by Jonothan Oxer,
  • Embedded Systems, by Elicia White,
  • Better Embedded Software, by Philip Koopman.

Online courses;

  • Contextual Electronics,



  • Little Bird Electronics Arduino Workshops; major cities, or contact them to encourage a Canberra instance,


  • linux.conf.au last week had a hardware miniconf, which was recorded; the videos have been uploaded for the whole conference, and these videos below are on my queue to look at for the new ESP32 boards;```


And don't forget the local hackerspace movement.  There's one in Canberra; where you can learn together.


Thanks for the information, I have started on those two podcasts, very interesting.
I will start looking into those books, the arduino ones are looking interesting.

Thank you for all of this information, I will see how I get along with it all.

Thank you again for the information.




I managed to find some more info online. A series of videos that I quite like from a chap who calls himself “Top Tech Boy” and runs toptechboy.com does some nicely passed videos focussing on code writing.
They are the simple Arduino tutorial work throughs, but with more explanation of the code involved.

Waiting on the book Practical Arduino. Also started podcasting from various places.

Over the last few days i have put together a code during the lessons and used this to expand into my own code. Again from a few sources, but a lot of it was actually written by me this time.

It needs work, but it will do what it needs to do with the accuracy it has. It will develop with me.

Very pleased to be putting more into this.