Xbee Wireless Help


For Port Macquarie, 433.05 MHz is fine, under 25mW.

If I recall correctly, the hospital is on a slight hill, so you don’t want to choose one of their medical device frequencies. :grin:

I’ve checked the datasheet for the radio; the 915 MHz nominal radio can operate at 918 MHz with some code changes, and that would be covered by the LIPD, see schedule 1 point 20. Don’t use source code set up for the USA without changing it.


Will I just have to research what frequencies have been used and the choose a different one?
Is it easy to change the code for what frequency and the amount of power it needs?
And if I need to change it, can you please help me with code? Thanks


The license means you don’t have to research (or survey) as such, but you are still obliged not to interfere. As an example of interference, last year a friend told me their weather station wasn’t working, their door bell seemed very insensitive, and a panic button had to be held within two metres of the receiver before it would react. It turned out that the outside transmitter for the weather station had water in it, which caused it to transmit continuously, and that was reducing the sensitivity of everything else on the same frequency. Like someone yelling when you’re trying to listen to a whisper.

Yes, it is easy to change the code; it is all available for download and use. It might not be easy for you if you’ve never done it; just take it slow and careful.

Yes, I could help with code; for a price; I’m a professional coder. But that’s probably not what you meant. You can probably work it out yourself given time and a few questions and answers online.


I don’t pay for a licence, do I?

Okay when I get to it, if it needs to be done I’ll have a go doing it myself, otherwise if it comes to it just to get an idea, how much do you charge to code, what company do you work for, and where are you based? If I may ask. Thanks


No, you don’t pay directly. LIPD is included in your taxes, as a public good. So many advantages to the country to have it available. You can pay for a license if you need one to avoid others interfering with you, but you’ll usually be on a separate frequency. I help look after some equipment on top of a mountain which has a separate frequency license that is paid for.

I’m a private contractor, based near Tooraweenah, with customers around the world. My main customer for whom I am best known is One Laptop per Child, Inc, in Miami USA. I don’t quote my rates in public.


Ahhh okay I won’t bother with buying them then.
No that is fine I understand.
Are you able to private message me them?


Don’t know how, sorry.


Thats okay. I’ve sent you one :grinning: