Arduino Energy Monitor - Build Experience


Hi all,
Has anyone tried building an energy monitor using a CT sensor for monitoring electricity usage with a electromechanical power meter ? Like the example here :

I am looking for australian specific suggestions and comments.


First thing you should check is if the power company has any specific do’s & donts with regards to the meter. Because you don’t want to be accused of tampering with the meter!

The two popular methods of doing this is either a clamp sensor (like the one in the article) or using a LDR/Optocoulple to monitor the flash of the LED on modern meters.

I’ve not done this myself, but have been considering doing something with an esp8266 but just haven’t found the time…


There’s a user here by the name of @whatnick that posted a link to a monitor kit that he sells with a Youtube video below it here:

There’s contact information on that site or you could try PMing him here for some help, his kit is built on the Feather from Adafruit which you can buy from littlebird here:

I hope that helps.