Can pay $$$. Need someone to build a control system



Do you or someone you know have expert Arduino skills and can help in a new product development project?

I need someone to build the control system for a stepper motor driven linear belt drive system on a prototype product being developed. The system will take a user input via a keypad and the belt drive will move the belt drive to the desired position. Limit switches, ancillary 12V devices etc also involved. I can provide a full product description PDF.

I have a conception of how it would work but don’t have the time to do so, need you to come in and make it happen for me and be there to help as the project develops.

Who will answer the call?


Where are you based?


Build is in Central Sydney


I likely don’t have time myself to assist in the short term, but you may have luck if you make a post to the Sydney Hackerspace mailing list
Otherwise I might be able to refer you to another electronics consultant
My contact details can be found at