Help with my first project - Arduinos and ESCs - Which one or both?


Hello all,
This is my first robotics project.

I am planning on building a four wheeled robot capable of being controlled via a remote control.
I was wondering what the difference is between ESCs and micro-controllers were and how they could work together, if such a thing is possible (I was looking at the Arduino Uno- R3 SMD if that helps).
My current understanding was that ESCs require little effort except to plug them in to the motors and the receiver of my remote control, before programming a switch on said remote to enable moving left and right while the Arduino required coding in the Arduino program in C++, which I am a beginner to.

If you also know any great bang-for-buck ESCs, motors, wheels and remote controls my ears are open, and I have a budget of about $300-350 AUD.

Thanks for your time, and I hope that wasn’t too big of a wall of text.


ESCs convert control signals into motor drive power. Arduinos can make control signals on their own or in response to sensor input. An Arduino can be linked to an ESC to drive motors. A sketch running on the Arduino must ensure the control signals meet the timing requirements of the ESC.

On the other hand, there are robotics motor driver modules that use more primitive control signals, that are easier to interface to Arduino, because the sketch does not need to keep the timing requirements so carefully.

Yes, coding is needed to use Arduino, but it isn’t C++; it is instead built upon C++ in a way that looks like C, removing much of the C++ complexity so it is easier to use by people who have not done much coding.

Unless you need to respond to sensors or run the robot automatically, you don’t need to use an Arduino. A remote controlled robot would use just the remote control device, remote control receiver, and compatible ESCs.


Thank you for your information and your time.