LCD Touch Screen Display, driver and calibration issues



I’m new to the raspberry pi.

I have been trying to get my touchscreen to function properly when used with the windows Iot os on the raspberry pi 3. I got it to display correctly (using the windows iot os display info in the user manual) and I can move the screen around through touch, but button presses don’t appear to be functioning correctly on the default menu.

I believe this is because I have been unable to install the drivers or calibrate the device properly. The drivers and calibration information supplied with the device don’t mention the “windows iot” os. I find this odd because the windows iot os is mentioned earlier in the user manual for setting up the display.

This is the device:

I’m curious to hear if anyone else found similar issues or solutions.

I’d appreciate any help, thanks.


Hi there,

I’m afraid we don’t know how to do this with Windows IoT edition.
I can confirm that this display works out of the box with Raspbian.

Perhaps checkout: